Taste of Japan:  Find Local Food at Fukuoka Fair!

Written by: elephanthouseid | July 1, 2023

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Our Pick: 5 Products To Find At Fukuoka Fair!

  • Ichiran Premium Tonkotsu Ramen  – Authentic Tonkotsu ramen in 3 minutes! Recreate Ichiran’s mouth-watering taste at home.
  • Takatori Shokuhin Tofu Ice Dessert  – Tofu Ice Dessert made from 100% Kyushu-grown “Fukuyutaka” soybeans with green tea. 
  • Sanko Hakata Amaou Plus Strawberry Latte – Strawberry milk drink made with premium Amaou strawberries.
  • Ishibashiya Hon Tenobe Konnyaku  – Hand-made firm and springy textured yam cake. 
  • Yoshino Shoten Fukuoka Fukkura Natto – This Natto is made from Fukuoka’s famous “Fukuyutaka” Soybeans.

Ichiran Premium Tonkotsu Ramen Take-Home Set

Ichiran’s pork bone soup is skimmed to perfection so that the ultimate flavor of the pork is drawn out. Truly firm & smooth noodles developed in Hakata in Fukuoka, Kyushu Island.
Each ramen kit includes 3 servings and has all the essential ingredients to make your own flavor-packed ramen.

Tonkotsu Soup Concentrate: A liquid concentrate made from our top secret recipe. Just add water to make an authentic pork bone broth that’s loaded with umami goodness.
Hakata-Style Noodles: Dried, straight noodles with a firm, yet chewy bite. The smooth texture makes these noodles so easy to slurp!
Original Spicy Seasoning: Add heat to your ramen with our blend of togarashi pepper spice

Takatori Shokuhin Tofu Ice Dessert – Yamecha Green Tea Flavor

This vegetarian iced dessert is made with 60% of tofu and soy milk made at a tofu shop in Itoshima, Fukuoka Prefecture. Featuring flavor “Yamecha” uses sweet Sae-Midori green tea produced in the Yame region.
Each cup has only 75 calories! It is highly recommended for health-conscious people and vegetarians.

Try other varieties “Kokuto” brown sugar and “Kuro Goma” black sesame!

Sanko Hakata Amaou Plus Lactic-Acid Bacilli Strawberry Latte

Refreshingly tart and sweet!
This strawberry latte is made with the juice of “Amaou” the king of strawberries which is a very rare and valuable variety produced only in Fukuoka Prefecture.

Contains 10 billion lactobacillus paracasei “Shield Lactobacillus”, a lactic acid bacteria that keep the body healthy.

Ishibashiya Hon Tenobe Konnyaku – Black

We are proud to offer this uniquely firm textured konnyaku. It is made by hand the old-fashioned way, with an impressive texture that has a great crunchy texture! The manual process of stretching by hand and placing it in a mold creates countless fine air bubbles in the konnyaku. These air bubbles create a good texture and easily soak up flavors.

Just open, rinse, and they’re ready to use! Perfect for various dishes such as oden, simmered dishes, and dengaku with miso. This konnyaku absorbs flavors and tastes so well that it makes ordinary dishes special.

Yoshino Shoten Fukuoka Fukkura Natto

This natto features the flavor of the whole soybean, Fukuoka’s famous “Fukuyutaka”, itself with its delicate texture and aroma.

Made with delicious and nutritious whole soybeans and delicious water from Takatsuki, Kitakyushu “Hotaru no Sato” in Fukuoka Prefecture. It has the mellow taste of natural soybeans and is recommended for natto beginners!

No GMO soybeans are used and it comes with a non-MSG sauce.

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