Taste of Japan:  Find Local Food at Kagoshima Fair!

Written by: elephanthouseid | July 1, 2023

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Our Pick: 5 Products To Find At Kagoshima Fair!

  • Higashimaru Samurai Ramen White – This spicy dried ramen is made with no animal ingredients or chemical additives.
  • Seika Foods Kagoshima Nangoku Shiro Kuma – Traditional shaved ice treats made with fruits and red beans topped with condensed milk.
  • Seisensha Sakurajima Haiboshi Maaji – This dried horse mackerel is made by the “Haiboshi” method using only Sakurajima volcanic ash.
  • Yaokiya Shoga-Ten Fried Fish Cake  – Traditionally made sweet ginger-flavored Satsuma Age fried fish cake.
  • Tosenkyo Foods Imo Karinto – “Karinto” style crispy sweet potato snacks made from Kagoshima-grown Kogane Imo.

Higashimaru Samurai Ramen White


This spicy ramen features vegan friendly plant-based broth. Uses a soy sauce-based soup seasoned with miso, sesame seeds, and a dash of chili powder to give it a rich spiciness! It doesn’t contain chemical additives, and preservatives.

Seika Foods Kagoshima Nangoku Shiro Kuma

This Shirokuma Frozen Dessert has been a summer tradition in Kagoshima. Frozen shaved ice treat made with condensed milk, mandarin orange, pineapple, and sweet azuki red bean toppings.

It is free of emulsifiers and stabilizers used in most ice cream products. It is also made without any flavoring and uses plenty of condensed milk to give it a natural condensed milk flavor.

Seisensha Sakurajima Haiboshi Maaji

Using the quality Kagoshima caught Horse Mackerels. Each fish is made by the “Haiboshi” method, dried and slowly matured in the volcanic ash from Kagoshima’s iconic “Sakurajima” volcano.

The result is removing excess odor and leaving the only condensed Umami flavors of the fish. Since it is not sun-dried, it does not oxidize and is very soft. Only salt is used for seasoning, please enjoy the natural flavor of the Horse Mackerel.

Yaokiya Shoga-Ten Fried Fish Cake

This Satsuma Age fried fish cake is made by Hachikiya, which has been in business for 100 years. This ginger tempura is a perfect match of the sweetness of Satsuma-age and aromatic ginger and is widely enjoyed as a snack, nabe dish, side dish, etc.

Tosenkyo Foods Imo Karinto

This crispy Fried Sweet Potato is made with sweet potatoes called ”Kogane Imo” that are produced in Kagoshima Prefecture. This crunchy type of imo karinto is coated with brown sugar, so it is pleasantly crispy in texture and is easy to eat.

No additives are used in the ingredients, so feel free to eat them with peace of mind.

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