Taste of Japan:  Find Local Food at Kumamoto Fair!

Written by: elephanthouseid | July 1, 2023

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Our Pick: 5 Products To Find At Kumamoto Fair!

  • Konyusha Kumamon Milk Pudding – Made with raw milk and the mild sweetness of the syrup topping is a winning combination.
  • Konyusha Café Au Lait Ice  – Moderately sweet coffee ice cream with rich milk and a deep coffee aroma.
  • Heikeya Nishime Manju / Gomoku – Steamed buns filled with 5 kinds of vegetables seasoned with a sweet soy sauce.
  • Kaneryo Golden Thread Mozuku / Sanbaizu – Precious Okinawa-grown silky Mozuku seaweed is mildly seasoned with sweet vinegar.
  • Fuji Bambi Kokuto Stick Donuts – Award-winning stick donuts made from Japanese wheat and Okinawan brown sugar.

Konyusha Kumamon Milk Pudding

Features Kumamon, Kumamoto’s beloved mascot character.

Indulge in the creamy heaven of our milk pudding! Containing 40% fresh raw milk and a hint of sweetness, our pudding is the perfect treat for any time of day. Whether you enjoy it as a dessert or snack, our rich and decadent pudding will satisfy your cravings and leave you feeling satisfied. Try it today and discover why our milk pudding is a true crowd-pleaser!

Konyusha Café Au Lait Ice

Moderately sweetened coffee ice cream with a rich milk flavor and a deep coffee aroma.

Rakuno Mothers’ popular product “Cafe au Lait” is now available as a spoonable ice cream! This coffee ice cream is a creamy and delicious frozen dessert that is perfect for any coffee lover. Made with the finest roasted coffee beans, which give it an authentic coffee flavor that is both bittersweet and irresistible.

Heikeya Nishime Manju / Gomoku

Steamed buns filled with 5 kinds of vegetables seasoned with a sweet soy sauce glaze.

Looking for a healthy and delicious snack? Highly recommend our vegetable buns! Made with fresh, locally sourced veggies and wheat flour, these buns are the perfect guilt-free treat. Whether you’re on the go, at work, or need an afternoon pick-me-up, our vegetable buns are the perfect addition to your day. With a soft and fluffy texture, savory flavor, and packed with nutrients, our vegetable buns are sure to satisfy your cravings and keep you energized all day long.

Kaneryo Golden Thread Mozuku / Sanbaizu

Mild vinegar flavored mozuku silky Okinawa-grown seaweed. Precious Ito Mozuku, which produces about 5% of the total mozuku harvest, is used.

Since the ancients, the Japanese enjoyed eating delicious seaweed to maintain good health. Sustainably harvested and packed with vitamins and minerals, this seasoned mozuku is the perfect addition to your table. Contains no preservatives or artificial seasonings. Discover the true essence of Japan’s culinary heritage.

Fuji Bambi Kokuto Stick Donuts

Brown sugar donut bars made from Japanese wheat and Okinawan brown sugar. Winner of the president’s choice award at the Japanese national confectionery expo.

Crispy on the outside and moist on the inside, the secret behind the popularity of these donuts is their mild sweetness from brown sugar. Made with domestic flour, brown sugar with molasses from Okinawa, and carefully selected oil.

Perfect with coffee, tea, or milk, and you can eat as many as you like because they are not greasy. This donut is perfect with coffee, tea, or milk, and you can eat as many as you want because it’s not greasy.

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