Taste of Japan:  Find Local Food at Wakayama Fair!

Written by: elephanthouseid | July 1, 2023

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Our Pick: 5 Products To Find At Wakayama Fair!

  • GYOKURINEN GREEN SOFT CREAM – Regionally beloved brand of sweet and creamy matcha green tea soft ice cream cones
  • MATSUO ARAKAWA NO MOMO PEACH DRINK – Delicious peach juice made from 60% Arakawa peaches cropped in Wakayama
  • MARUYAMA PICKLED PLUM WITH HONEY “KINO NAGOMI” – Nankobai Plum from Wakayama is mildly pickled with less salt and honey
  • KINOKUNI KISHU NANGOBAI PLUM SHERBET – Fruit sherbet made with real Kishu Nankobai plums from Wakayama
  • NACHIGURO KURO AME BROWN SUGAR CANDY  – Old-fashioned candies made with premium brown sugar from the Amami islands


Regionally beloved brand of sweet and creamy matcha green tea soft ice cream cones. The preferred frozen treat of Wakayama prefecture since 1958!

The matcha is made from 100% Japanese tea leaves and carefully stone ground. This ice cream has a refreshing sweetness without sacrificing the original color and flavor of matcha green tea. You will recognize it by the cute duck on the package!


Arakawa No Momo Peach Drink is a delicious peach juice made from 60% Arakawa peaches. Beloved and enjoyed by all people young and old, the peach taste is so strong it’s like biting right into the fresh fruit!

The luxurious 60% juice is made from peeled and pureed fully riped “Arakawa peaches” from the town of Momoyama in Wakayama Prefecture. Arakawa peaches are extremely popular for their juicy, sweet flavor.


Nankobai Plum from Wakayama is pickled with less salt and Chinese milk vetch honey. Nankobai is known as the top brand of ume. The fruit is very large, and the seeds are small compared to the fruit, which is characterized by its thick and soft flesh. It is mainly processed into pickled plums and plum wine.

Characterized by its refreshing sourness and mild flavor, this pickled plum has a very low salt content compared to other pickled plums, making it easy to eat for everyone from children to the elderly. Salt content 8%.


This sherbet is made from Kishu “Nankobai” plums, a representative variety of ume produced in Wakayama Prefecture, which boasts Japan’s largest production of ume. 60% of all domestically produced ume in Japan is from Wakayama Prefecture. Nankobai is harvested while waiting for the yellow ripe fruits to naturally fall so that the fresh and fruity fruit aroma can be enjoyed. 

Enjoy the refreshingly tart aftertaste and bold sour plum flavor!


This old-fashioned candies are made from premium brown sugar from the Amami islands and kneaded over an open fire. This naturally sweet artisan candy has been created using the same traditional technique since 1877! The craftsmanship that has been passed down over the past 100 years, with a focus on a single piece of candy, has come to be known as “Nachiguro” when it comes to brown sugar candy.

It is popular for soothing the throat and body. No individual wrapping, straight out of the pouch bag. No coloring agents or flavors are used.

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