Taste of Japan:  Find Local Food at Okinawa Fair!

Written by: maribreene | July 18, 2023

In July 2023, we are featuring exclusive products from Okinawa Prefecture, located in the southernmost part of Japan.
Okinawa is known for its beautiful beaches, clear turquoise waters, and rich marine life. The tropical climate, with warm weather year-round, makes it a popular tourist destination for both domestic and international travelers.

Visit Tokyo Central and Marukai Market at Gardena, Costa Mesa, West Covina, Yorba Linda, San Diego and Cupertino locations from Thursday, July 20 to Wednesday, August 16 to find local Okinawa products!

Our Pick: 5 Products To Find At Okinawa Fair!

  • SOUTH TO SOUTH CHURASHIMA UMI BUDO – Okinawan seaweed characterized by its soft, caviar-like texture.
  • SAITO SEIKA KOKUTO PRETZEL – A crispy pretzel has the right amount of sweetness and a rich flavor from brown sugar.
  • UEMA SUPPAIMAN UME CANDY – Sour taste of plum and sweetness of hard candy are perfectly matched.
  • RYUKYU BEVERAGE SANPIN CHA – A refreshing Sanpin-cha , Okinawa-style jasmine tea brewed at a low temperature.
  • UCC KIRI NO KOCHA MILK TEA – Okinawa limited version sweetened black tea with extra rich milk.


Umi Budo, Sea Grapes in English,is a type of Okinawan seaweed characterized by its soft, caviar-like texture. This Umi Budo is from the clean seas of Okinawa are delivered fresh and popping with a special technology that activates seawater.

When ready to eat, rinse and soak in fresh water and serve with the dressing provided.


This is a limited version pretzel only available in Okinawa. Using the brown sugar produced by the kettle-cooking method gives the richness and distinct flavors. The brown sugar syrup is mixed in when kneading the pretzels to give them a deeper flavor.

With just the right amount of sweetness and crunchy texture, you can’t stop eating them! It comes in four convenient packets.


For all Ume Plum lovers! The sourness of the pickled plums with seeds and the sweetness of the hard candy are a perfect match.

The citric acid in ume plum helps relieve fatigue, while the salt and sugar content helps prevent heat stroke. Keep this candy in your pocket this summer!


A fragrant Sanpin-cha, Okinawa-style Jasmine Tea is available in convenient bottle. Two types of tea leaves from Fujian, China, are blended with Jasmine flower buds and brewed at a low temperature of 60°C. Pure water is used to keep the original mild aroma of San-Pin Tea.

The refreshing flavor, which matches the food culture of Okinawa, complements a variety of dishes.


This milk tea drink is very popular in Okinawa produced by wellknown beverage company, UCC! It’s a Okinawa limited version sweet black tea with the extra rich milk. You will be surprised at the richness of the milk the moment you drink it.

It tastes similar to royal milk tea and is sweet, making it the perfect drink for your tea break. Just add tapioca to this milk tea for the perfect boba drink. For a variation, just add tapioca for a perfect boba tea.

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