Taste of Japan:  Find Local Food at Shikoku Fair!

Written by: maribreene | September 11, 2023

Savor Shikoku, Japan: Exclusive in September 2023! Explore the culinary treasures of Shikoku Island, situated southwest of Honshu. Featuring products from Ehime, Kagawa, Tokushima, and Kochi prefectures, this region’s strategic location and extensive infrastructure make it a vital domestic food source.

Visit Tokyo Central and Marukai Market at Gardena, Costa Mesa, West Covina, Yorba Linda, San Diego, and Cupertino locations from Thursday, September 14 to Wednesday, October 11 to find local Shikoku products!

Our Pick: 5 Products To Find At Shikoku Fair!

  • KATSUO TATAKI – Eel carefully raised in the Shimanto River and grilled with secret sauce.
  • BROILED SHIMANTO UNAGI EEL – Bonito caught in Tosa Bay is straw-grilled to add a smoky flavor.
  • KONBU MARINATED BLUE MACKEREL – Juicy salted blue mackerel seasoned in a secret kelp marinade.
  • DRINK PUDDING – STRAWBERRY – Made from soy milk and real strawberry, this drink pudding melts in your mouth.
  • MATSUYAMA AGE – Crispy and fluffy fried bean curd is shredded for ease of use.


The wild bonito, Skip Jack Tuna, caught in Tosa Bay is straw-grilled to add a smoky flavor, seared for perfection then frozen the same day.

For a delicious Katsuo Tataki dish, just defrost, cut, and serve with ponzu and fresh Japanese herbs.


Young eels caught in the Shimanto River are carefully raised and fed with a select diet. Over local charcoal, each eel is grilled to give it a unique flavor, then brushed with a secret sauce that has been handed down for over 50 years.

This broiled eel has a rich flavor that you will love!


Blue mackerel is marinated in kelp to eliminate any trace of odor. It’s juicy, fatty, and packed with health benefits!

Perfectly grilled to create the mouthwatering Shio Saba, its delicate balance of saltiness makes it a versatile option for various culinary creations.


Plant-based drink pudding made with soy milk is available in two flavors: plain with bittersweet caramel sauce and strawberry with sweet and sour sauce.
The soft texture and gentle taste make it a favorite among everyone.


The shredded Matsuyama-Age is already pre-cut and does not require the removal of excess oil, making it convenient to use.

It is known for its soft and fluffy texture, and when added to miso soup or braised dishes, it enhances the flavors of other ingredients and adds a touch of richness.

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Shikoku Fair 2023: Demonstration & Tasting

In September 2023, we're showcasing special Shikoku Island products at Tokyo Central and Marukai Market stores. Visit on the scheduled days (**see schedule below**) to savor local Shikoku treats! From Thursday, 9/14 to Wednesday, 10/11 you can explore the specially curated selection of products from Shikoku Island.

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