Otsukimi Dango – 2 Ingredients Dumplings

Celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival on 9/29 with Otsukimi Dango!

What is “Otsukimi”?

In Japan, there is a custom of “Otsukimi お月見” meaning “Moon Viewing” at the Mid-Autumn Festival. Otsukimi traditions include; decorating Japanese Pampas Grass (Susuki) and seasonal flowers, offering Japanese yams and other autumn harvests. The main event is eating round dumplings called “Tsukimi Dango 月見団子” to celebrate the beauty of the Moon. 

Mid-Autumn Festival in 2023 is September 29th. Let’s make Otsukimi Dango and celebrate!

Otsukimi Dango dumplings are round in shape, representing the full moon, and are prepared by stacking 15 dumplings in a pyramid shape. It is believed eating Otsukimi-Dango during or after the moon viewing, will provide health and happiness to us.
We are introducing a very simple recipe for soft and tasty dumplings with only two ingredients.


  • 180 g Tofu (recommend Silken or Soft)
  • 180 g Shiratama Flour*

*Shiratama flour is made from glutinous rice that has been polished, rinsed, ground with water in a stone mill, then the sediment is dried.


  1. Add the shiratama flour to the bowl.
  2. Gradually add tofu and knead until the mixture becomes as soft as an earlobe.
  3. While boiling water in a pot, shape into bite-size balls.
  4. Gently put it in boiling water. Boil for 1 minute after the dumplings float to the top.
  5. Remove from hot water and drain. Stack 15 dumplings in a pyramid shape and a palace by the window.
  6. Enjoy watching the beautiful moon then enjoy your Otsukimi Dango! 

Variety of Dango

After displaying Otsukimi Dango and viewing the beautiful moon, it is time to enjoy!
We suggest a few toppings to make your dumplings taste great.

Sweet Soy Sauce

The most popular flavor of the Dango dumplings. Ingredients and Directions are so simple. Try to make at home!

– 4 tbsp Sugar
– 2 tbsp Soy Sauce
– 2 tbsp Mirin Sweet Rice Wine
– 2 tbsp Potato Starch
– 150 cc Water

1. Combine all ingredients in a small saucepan and heat over low to medium heat.

2. Stir constantly until thickened and translucent.

3. Serve over or dipped in dango.

Sweet Red Bean Paste

Enjoy Dango with Anko – Azuki Red Bean Paste. Serve with your choice of Tsubu-an (chunky textured, with partially crushed beans, or beans left intact) or Koshi-an (smooth textured, like a puree, with bean skins removed).

Azuki, also called adzuki, is a small red bean grown in East Asia and the Himalayas, and is popular in many Japanese confectionaries.

Find Sweet Red Bean paste at your near Tokyo Central. 

Toasted Soy Bean Flour

Kinako is roasted or toasted soybean flour, a product commonly used in Japanese cuisine. The meaning of “Kinako” is “yellow flour” in Japanese.Soybeans are roasted, peeled skins, and ground into a powder. Heating process removes the distinctive smell of soybeans and gives it a savory aroma.

It is widely known that Kinako contains a lot of protein because it is made from soybeans. In recent years, more people have been taking it for health reasons, as it contains dietary fiber and oligosaccharides that increase beneficial bacterias in the digestive system.

Mix Kinako and Sugar well and sprinkle over the Dango.

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