Taste of Japan: What You Should Buy at Kagoshima Fair

Written by Stephanie Lin | 5 min read | July 11, 2022 | News & Culture

Kagoshima Fair Promotional Banner, limited time products at Tokyo Central from July 14 to August 10

5 Exclusive Products from Kagoshima

  • Seika Foods Kagoshima Nangoku Shirokuma Ice Cream  - Frozen shaved ice treat made with condensed milk, mandarin orange, pineapple, and sweet azuki red bean toppings.
  • Higashimaru Samurai Ramen Aka(Red)  - Spicy ramen made with no animal ingredients or chemical additives. Soup is based on soy sauce, miso, sesame seeds, and a dash of chili powder to give it a rich spiciness!
  • Mesena Shokusai Center Yuzu Drink Concentrate  - Honey sweetened Yuzu citrus juice concentrate. Dilute with 5-7 parts still or sparkling water, to enjoy as is, or use in mixed drinks, cocktails and even cooking.
  • Kyowa Food Industry co.,LTD. Shake de ChaChaCha Rich Baked Tempura Snack  - Crispy fried "agetama" snacks with a fun twist! Add the rich cheese seasoning powder, then shake for a unique taste and texture experience!
  • Fukuyama Bussan Kurozu Yuzu   - Refreshing Kagoshima yuzu and black vinegar citrus drink concentrate. Use 1 part concentrate and 2 parts hot or cold water for best results.
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5 Local Foods from Nagano

  • Bioca Organic Walnut Dressing - Old fashioned sweet & salty walnut sauce made with 100% organic ingredients.
  • Yawataya Isogoro Shichimi Chili Powder Seasoning - Long beloved restaurant style 7 spice seasoning. A secret blend of spices designed to bring an accent of aromatic heat to any dish.
  • Farm Kawakami Sun Fuji 100% Apple Juice - 100%  natural apple juice so sweet and delicious, each sip is like biting into a fresh crisp apple. Tenderly and organically grown and ripened.
  • Shinshu Shizen Okoku Apple Ginger BBQ Sauce - Spicy garlic and black pepper apple ginger barbeque sauce. Great for grilling, stir-fry, chow mien, and meat & rice bowl dishes!
  • Ogihara Yohoen Japanese Cherry Blossom Honey - Cherry blossom honey which naturally gives off the floral and sweet aroma of Sakura cherry blossoms.
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Want to try exclusive products from Japan? Tokyo Central’s seasonal fair will feature limited edition products from Kagoshima, Japan. From Thursday, July 14 to Wednesday, August 10, you can explore the specially curated selection of products from Kagoshima.

Nangoku Shirokuma Ice Cream Cup

Shaved ice is a popular summertime dessert with many people making long trips to Kagoshima, a prefecture located in southern Japan, to eat the local specialty Shirokuma Ice. Very lovingly called “shirokuma”, this Kagoshima shaved ice is topped with condensed milk, mandarin orange, pineapple, and sweet azuki red bean to mimic the appearance of a polar bear.

original and spicy Higashimaru Samurai Ramen

Spicy vegan ramen can be extremely difficult to find. Luckily, Higashimaru Samurai Ramen comes in both original and spicy for ramen lovers and is made with no animal ingredients or chemical additives. If you are craving the taste of authentic ramen, your search is over! The soy miso soup base is flavorful, rich, and spicy.  

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3. Mesena Shokusai Center Yuzu Drink Concentrate
Yuzu Drink Concentrate

Made with yuzu juice and honey from Soo City in Kagoshima Prefecture, this yuzu drink concentrate will enhance any drink or dish. The fragrant aroma and mildly tart flavor of yuzu adds a refreshing zesty kick to any cocktail, water, dessert, salad dressing, and whatever else you can think of! 

4. Kyowa Food Industry co.,LTD. Shake de ChaChaCha Rich Baked Tempura Snack
farm kawakami sun fuji apple juice

Crispy, savory, and fun! What more can you ask for from a snack? Agetama, also known as fried tempura bits, are fried pieces of tempura batter that can be eaten as a snack or used to top off your food for a crunch factor. These agetama snacks are available in cheese, butter soy sauce, and wasabi. Just add the seasoning powder, shake, and enjoy.

5. Fukuyama Bussan Kurozu Yuzu (Brewed Rice Vinegar)
apple ginger bbq sauce from Shinshu Shizen Okoku

Boost your immune system with this yuzu vinegar concentrate from Fukuyama, a district in Kagoshima Prefecture. Known as kurozu, this vinegar is aged in black ceramic pots for at least two years. Artisans check on the fermentation process daily. This time intensive process leads to a premium vinegar concentrate rich in vitamins, minerals, and probiotics. Use 1 part concentrate and 2 parts hot or cold water for a refreshing, tangy beverage.

5. Shinshu Shizen Okoku Apple Ginger BBQ Sauce
apple ginger bbq sauce from Shinshu Shizen Okoku

Spicy garlic, black pepper, apple, and ginger give this BBQ sauce a unique flavor that makes it perfect for grilling, stir-fry, chow mein, meat, and rice bowl dishes! Pair your favorite summer foods with this delicious and healthy twist on Western BBQ Sauce. The combination of apple and ginger gives any meal a refreshing, delicious zing in addition to being nutritious. 

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