Taste of Japan: Ehime Fair Comes to Tokyo Central and Marukai Market

Written by Mari Breene | 5 min read | October 6, 2022 | News & Culture

5 Products You Don't Want to Miss at Ehime Fair!

  • Aishisu Balloon Shape Peach Jelly  - The juicy and fragrant peach jelly inside, fun to pop snack!
  • Seiki Warabi Mochi Dumplings  - Japanese starch cakes topped with aromatic roasted soy flour. Comes with brown sugar syrup to serve.
  • Aishisu Strawberry Concentrate - Refreshing strawberry concentrate made from fragrant Ehime grown strawberries.
  • Yoshu Kogyo Prepared Blue Mackerel Fillet  - Norwegian mackerels are gently salted and flavored with kelp.
  • Uwajima Project Seasoned Roasted Scallop Mantle Snacks  - Delicious roasted scallop mantles (Kaihimo). Naturally umami rich taste!
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Want to try exclusive products from Japan? Tokyo Central & Marukai’s season fair will feature local products from Ehime prefecture, Japan from Thursday,10/13 to Wednesday, 11/9. Explore the specially curated selection of products from Ehime.

Jaga Pokkuru

This jelly looks not only amazing, but also fun to pop before eating!

The balloon shape shells are filled with juicy and succulent jelly, made of rich Japanese peach juice and puree. Burst a balloon with a toothpick, and a round jelly will pop out!

Enjoy the sweet and fragrant peach flavor!

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Hokkaido Yuki Chocola

This traditional Japanese rice cakes are made by kneading the bracken starch and generously sprinkling the toasted soybean flour. Drizzle brown sugar syrup to your preference before serving!

Bracken, which is "Warabi" in Japanese is a type of fern. The main ingredient "Warabi-ko" is made from this Bracken root, which has been used as a starch since ancient times.

The refining process is time-consuming and only about 0.15 pound of bracken powder can be obtained from 22 pounds of bracken root, which makes it more valuable.

Why don't you give it a try for this traditional Japanese sweets? Goes well with Japanese green tea!

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Marutto Ichigo Chocolate

This is a drink concentrate using "Akai Shizuku", an original variety of strawberries produced in Ehime Prefecture. It has a bright red color, the original aroma of strawberries, and a refreshingly sour taste.

Dilute to 5 times its original volume, e.g., with sparkling water or with milk to make strawberry milk. Also delicious as-is, perfect match for plain yogurt or vanilla ice cream.

Try it out and find out your best match!

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Hokkaido Corn Pottage

Norwegian blue mackerels (Saba) gently salted and flavored with kelp, comes in value sized pack! They are irregular mackerel fillets, however despite their irregularities, they are fresh and delicious as any other high quality fish! Enjoy the same quality taste of nutritious mackerels at a reasonable price.

 Grill or pan-fry until it cooks through and gets browned. Serve with lemon and/or grated radish for your dinner plate.

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Yukatan Custard Chiffon Cake

Wild scallop mantles (Kaihimo) from Hokkaido are delicately seasoned and roasted to a golden brown in Ehime Prefecture. The flavors spread as you bite into it.

Serve as is as a snack or as an accompaniment to alcoholic beverages. Mixed in with rice before you cook, it makes simple and delicious seasoned rice.

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