Taste of Japan: Find Local Food at Shikoku Fair!

Written by Mari Breene | 5 min read | September 10, 2022 | News & Culture

5 Products You Don't Want to Miss at the Shikoku Fair!

  • Shimanto Unagi Kabayaki with Sauce - Shimano river caught eel nurtured with a select diet, then broiled with a non-additive savory sweet glaze.
  • Maeda Uwajima Jakoten Gohan  - Unique Ehime delicacy "jakoten" fishcake mixed in seasoned rice. Contains no chemical additives and can be cooked up quickly in the microwave! 
  • Sasaki Foods Yaki Anago Shoyu Aji  - Naturally dried soft anago sea eel fillets seasoned with soy sauce! Great for snack time and even better when enjoyed with drinks!
  • Seiki Kibi Dango  - A classic Japanese confectionery treat covered in roasted soy bean flour. Loved by kids and adults alike!
  • Konbumori Oshaburi Mekabu  - Addictively fun to chew dried wake seaweed root snack flavored with vinegar style seasoning!
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Want to try exclusive products from Japan? Tokyo Central’s season fair will feature local products from Shikoku Island, Japan from Thursday, 9/15 to Wednesday, 10/12. Explore the specially curated selection of products from Shikoku Island.

Jaga Pokkuru

This is a Shimanto river caught eel nurtured with a select diet, then broiled with a savory sweet glaze. This signature sauce has been a family recipe for over 50 years which includes no additives, colors and MSG.

The ”Shirasu" young eels were caught in the Shimanto River and raised in ponds in Shimanto Town. We are proud to recommend these quality eels, which are raised with the utmost care under strict management.

The frozen vacuum-packed broiled eel comes with signature sauce (15g) and sansho (Japanese pepper), an essential condiment for eel. Why don’t we enjoy a lovely “Unagi Kabayaki” dinner with our loved ones tonight? Treat yourself with this deep and savory taste!

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Hokkaido Yuki Chocola

This delicious "Jakoten Gohan" is a blend of Japanese rice and glutinous barley, cooked with jakoten fish cake, carrots, and burdocks.

Jako-ten is a local dish made in the Nanyo region of Ehime Prefecture, made by deep frying ground small fish. This unique rice dish is prepared with Uwajima Nerimono Kobo Miyoshiya's special "jakoten" (fish cake), making it a unique and special. Free of MSG and wheat.

This rice is also super easy to prep – only takes 1 minute and 30 seconds in a 600w microwave oven. If you are tired of having the same white rice every day, this product will bring up the flavor!

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Marutto Ichigo Chocolate

This product is a soft grilled Anago sea eel snack that can be eaten without cooking. Flattened sea eel is grilled to a savory soy sauce flavor.

Just FYI – here is the difference between Anago (sea eel) and Unagi (freshwater eel). Anago, sea eel, is often eaten in Japan in savory seasoned soy sauce for sushi ingredient or deep-fried for Tempura. It is often compared to Unagi, freshwater eel, which is usually barbecued with a Kabayaki sauce. Anago is also slightly less rich and oily than Unagi.

This Anago snack is highly recommended for people who are looking for healthy snacks. It becomes a perfect pairing snack with alcoholic beverages.
Shichimi Pepper flavor (Japanese 7 flavor Chili Seasoning) is also available! Don’t miss out!

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Hokkaido Corn Pottage

This Dango dumpling is made from Kibi, proso millet which was widely cultivated in the past, mixed with sticky rice. The generous amount of Kinako, roasted soybean flour, enhances the aromatic flavor of dumplings.

 The soft and chewy texture is recommended for all ages, from children to the elderly. This product will be a perfect dessert that goes well with a cup of green tea!

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Yukatan Custard Chiffon Cake

With an addictive chewing pleasure, "Mekabu" is a dried wakame seaweed root snacks flavored with vinegar flavor seasoning. This product is deliciously satisfying with just the right amount of sourness, saltiness, and soft chewiness.

 Mekabu is the part with thick flesh and many folds near the root of wakame seaweed. It is known to be rich in dietary fiber, minerals, and vitamins. Many Japanese people include Mekabu and other seaweeds in their daily diet for health and beauty purposes. Moreover, seaweed is low in calories!

Try this “Oshaburi Mekabu”, a gift of nature, great snack if you are craving for healthy munchies!

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