red wooden bridge over river photo in Nagano

Taste of Japan: Secret to Longevity? Local Food from Nagano

When it comes to longevity and health in Japan, Nagano Prefecture has tried and true methods for leading a healthy lifestyle. Prior to 2010, Nagano Prefecture experienced high mortality rates from stroke and heart disease. Nowadays, people in Nagano Prefecture have the longest life expectancy in Japan and many experts credit the tasty and high-quality food grown in Nagano’s diverse climate and altitude.

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Save the Date: Nagano Fair Demonstration and Tasting 

This month Tokyo Central and Marukai's seasonal fair will feature local foods from Nagano, Japan. Get a chance to taste food from the healthiest prefecture in Japan and bring it home with you!

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Taste of Japan: Wakayama Fair Comes to Tokyo Central and Marukai

Travel to Wakayama, Japan by buying these items at Tokyo Central’s Fair: 1) Arakawa Momo Drink, 2) Shirahama Onsen Unagi, 3) Kuyo Murasaki Soy Sauce, 4) Gyokurinen Matcha Soft Serve, 5) Sumomo Jam

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How To Make Juicy, Crispy Karaage Every Time (Recipe + Video)

Karaage is Japanese-style fried chicken, crispy exterior and juicy chicken. This time we made karaage with Marudaizu Shoyu Tatsumi. This specialty soy sauce is naturally brewed in 100 year old cedar wood barrels. We recommend Tatsumi since it is thicker than regular soy sauce and it adds an extra depth of flavor!

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Stuffed Wagyu Nappa Cabbage Roll (Recipe + Video)

tasty filling wrapped with nappa cabbage leaves and wagyu is a match made in heaven. Nappa cabbage has bigger leaves and it's softer and easier to roll up compared to green cabbage, so it's perfect for this dish. It's hearty, succulent and full of flavor!⁠

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curry rice with katsu and salad on the side

How Curry Became a Popular Japanese Comfort Meal

You’re in Tokyo and it’s lunchtime. An acquaintance suggests Italian, French, Brazilian, but you feel like something Japanese. You head out to the street, anticipating a plethora of sushi restaurants, but what catches your eye are signs for curry rice! You think, “Now wait a minute…isn’t curry…Indian?”

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red bean dessert with mochi

6 Health Benefits of Azuki: The Mighty Little Red Bean

More polyphenols than red wine, abundant in fiber and minerals—the little brownish-red beans, azuki, are considered to be the second most important legume in Japan after soybeans. But, when first hearing about cooked beans mixed with sugar, undoubtedly there were folks who thought hmmm…!? 

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four sake bottles on a restaurant table

The Beginner's Guide to Sake: Types of Sakes, Classifications, and Preparations

Sake has played a central role in Japanese life and culture for the past 2,000 years, and the knowledge and techniques involved in sake brewing have spread to every corner of the nation. In fact, sake is such an integral part of the Japanese diet that having some knowledge of it can add to one’s understanding of Japanese history, culture, and society, as well as of the social environment in Japan today.

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