red wooden bridge over river photo in Nagano

Taste of Japan: Secret to Longevity? Local Food from Nagano

When it comes to longevity and health in Japan, Nagano Prefecture has tried and true methods for leading a healthy lifestyle. Prior to 2010, Nagano Prefecture experienced high mortality rates from stroke and heart disease. Nowadays, people in Nagano Prefecture have the longest life expectancy in Japan and many experts credit the tasty and high-quality food grown in Nagano’s diverse climate and altitude.

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Save the Date: Nagano Fair Demonstration and Tasting 

This month Tokyo Central and Marukai's seasonal fair will feature local foods from Nagano, Japan. Get a chance to taste food from the healthiest prefecture in Japan and bring it home with you!

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Taste of Japan: Wakayama Fair Comes to Tokyo Central and Marukai

Travel to Wakayama, Japan by buying these items at Tokyo Central’s Fair: 1) Arakawa Momo Drink, 2) Shirahama Onsen Unagi, 3) Kuyo Murasaki Soy Sauce, 4) Gyokurinen Matcha Soft Serve, 5) Sumomo Jam

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