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Calbee Jagarico Original 2.12oz





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2.12 oz



Common Allergens

Milk, soy


Calbee Jagariko is a popular Japanese snack produced by Calbee Inc. Jagariko is a unique and delicious potato snack that comes in the form of stick-shaped potato sticks in a container. The container typically has two compartments - one for the potato sticks and another for a flavored topping.

The potato sticks are crispy and have a distinct potato flavor. They are often shaped like french fries or matchsticks. The topping can vary, and there are different flavors available, including cheese, salad, baked potato, and more. The combination of the crunchy potato sticks and the flavorful topping makes Jagariko a satisfying and enjoyable snack.

Jagariko is known for its convenient packaging, making it easy to carry and share. It has gained popularity not only in Japan but also among snack enthusiasts around the world. The snack is often enjoyed as a quick and tasty treat for snacking.