Kasugai Frutia Gummy Yuzu Flavor 3.59 oz

Kasugai Frutia Gummy Yuzu Flavor 3.59 oz



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3.59 oz




Why Choose Kasugai Yuzu Gummy Candy 3.77 oz?

  1. Citrusy Yuzu Flavor: Enjoy the refreshing and tangy flavor of yuzu citrus with Kasugai Yuzu Gummy Candy, offering a unique and delightful taste experience.
  2. Soft and Chewy Texture: Kasugai Gummies are known for their soft and chewy texture, making them a pleasure to eat with every bite.
  3. Japanese Favorite: Kasugai Yuzu Gummy Candy is a popular choice in Japan, loved for its authentic yuzu taste and enjoyable texture.
  4. Generous Pack Size: The 3.77 oz pack provides plenty of gummy candies to enjoy, whether for snacking or sharing with friends.


What's Included (1 Pack):

  • 3.77 oz Kasugai Yuzu Gummy Candy


Experience the unique and refreshing taste of Kasugai Yuzu Gummy Candy, a beloved treat among gummy enthusiasts in Japan!