Komeko Bread Plain 9.5 oz

Komeko Bread Plain 9.5 oz





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Country of Origin



9.5 oz


Tennen Koubo

Common Allergens

Egg, Milk, Wheat


Why Choose Komeko Plain Bread 9.5 oz?

1. Versatile and Classic:
Komeko Plain Bread offers a versatile and classic option, perfect for pairing with your favorite spreads, toppings, or as a side to savory dishes.
2. Soft and Fluffy Texture:
The bread is baked to perfection, ensuring a soft and fluffy texture that makes it enjoyable on its own or with various accompaniments.
3. Convenient Pack Size:
With a 9.5 oz pack, Komeko Plain Bread is ideal for everyday use, providing a simple yet delicious option for breakfast, snacks, or light meals.


What's Included:

Experience the timeless appeal of Komeko Plain Bread, a versatile and fluffy bread that complements any meal or snack with its simple and satisfying flavor.

Enjoy the classic simplicity of Komeko Plain Bread, perfect for creating your favorite sandwiches or enjoying with your favorite spreads