Tokyo Central Exclusive Package Vegan Friendly Ichiran Ramen
Tokyo Central Exclusive Package Vegan Friendly Ichiran Ramen

ICHIRAN Ramen is one of the famous Japanese ramen restaurant chain from Hakata Kyushu, Japan, and they are known for its unique dining experience and delicious Tonkotsu (pork bone broth) Ramen. Founded in 1960, and now they have been expanding globally, with locations in major cities such as New York City, Hong Kong, and Taipei. 

Now we are introducing Tokyo Central Exclusive package Vegan Friendly ICHIRAN Ramen. 

After painstaking research through trial and error, we have successfully created a savory vegan ramen kit. Though it contains no animal products, you can still experience the texture, richness, and flavors of our classic Tonkotsu ramen. 


In the package, there is Noodle, two kinds of soup base, and spicy red seasoning. 


  • Hakata-style Thin Straight Noodle - Use a special blend of rare flours to create noodles that are smooth with a firm texture. ICHIRAN's unique formulation prevents extra starch from escaping the noodles during the cooking process. This creates a clear base that enhances the flavors of the soup. 
  • Soup - The taste of our authentic Tonkotsu broth so well that it is hard to believe it is made without any pork bones. It is a soup that pairs perfectly with our noodles and spicy red seasoning. 
  • Spicy Red Seasoning - The best togarashi peppers from around the world were selected for this spicy seasoning. ICHIRAN managed to create a balanced harmony of heat and spice that adds an extra layer of flavor to your ramen.